Ohio Speed academy 2018 Summer Track & Field Club



The mission of the Ohio Speed Academy Track & Field Club is to introduce beginners to the sport, as well as strengthen the foundation of elite level techniques. We train with the intention of becoming the best we can be while learning how to create healthy habits needed to face similar challenges in our everyday lives. 

Coaches at the Ohio Speed Academy have trained and competed against athletes at the highest levels of collegiate and high school track and field.  We utilized our knowledge and experience to develop a program that is beneficial for those looking to enhance their skills! 


Membership options

The average student athlete in this day and age plays multiple sports all year long. Being a summer club team, We realize that each and every athlete has his or her own goals and reasons for competing. With this in mind, we have created a program that will fit the needs of anyone that wants to work with us. There are 3 main membership options to choose from. Gold, Silver and Bronze represent your level of involvement practicing with the club. Members should purchase the option that best fits their schedule. You may use your purchased sessions any time during the 7 week period. All purchased sessions must be used before July 22nd. Practice will take place on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week. Depending on you membership level, you can pick how many days each week you would like to practice. 

  • Gold - 3 days per week
  • Silver - 2 days per week
  • Bronze - 1 day per week

Practice time and location - Grandview Heights High School from 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM


Travel team

In addition to practice sessions, members have the option to compete as part of the Ohio Speed Academy Track & Field team for an additional fee. The travel team fee covers a uniform top, and entry into all 4 meets this season. Athletes and parents are responsible for travel to and from each meet. The first two meets of the season are guaranteed, while the Regional and National meet are only for those who qualify at Districts.

If you are interested in joining us for the 2018 season, please subscribe in the box below! We will send You a follow up email with all necessary information regarding how you can join the club this season.