Training Options 

Coaches at the Ohio Speed Academy are willing and able to help you achieve your goals! We offer many services for athletes of all ages looking to gain a competitive edge. Our workouts are inspired by some of the best programs in the country, as well as our own personal success in many years training in the sport. Training is available for almost all Track and Field events, as well as speed training for outdoor sports. For more information on these programs, Please fill out the athlete registration link at the bottom of this page.


Group Training

Group training sessions are intended for athletes looking to compete at a high level. Each session will last 80 minutes and will cover multiple subjects. Groups are divided by event and or gender. Group sessions will take place on Sundays starting March 10th.

personal training

Personal training sessions with the Ohio Speed Academy cover 60 minutes of training per session. Athletes will be instructed through a list of drills to determine their strengths and weaknesses. From there we will develop a strategic plan to ensure the athlete is on pace to meet their goals. Personal training sessions will be available on Saturdays during the outdoor season starting March 9th.

Supplemental training 

Are you looking for training but do not have the means or availability to meet us in person? Coaches at the Ohio Speed Academy have a great deal of experience in writing workouts and are able to write a custom plan specifically for you! Whether you are looking to supplement your current training with us or are getting ready for an upcoming season, we can build the custom plan that is designed to fit all of your needs.

Film Review

The coaching staff at the Ohio Speed Academy have trained and competed against some of the best athletes in the world! Through much experience in the sport, we have developed a keen eye for what perfection looks like. You may send us multiple videos from competition and from practice and we will analyze and inspect each clip.