Personal training

Coaches at the Ohio Speed Academy are willing and able to help you achieve your goals! We offer personal training for athletes of all ages looking to gain a competitive edge. Our workouts are inspired by some of the best programs in the country, as well as our own personal success in many years training in the sport.

  1. Personal Training Assessment - Are you not receiving enough attention with your current school or coach? Are you looking to gain new skills to compete at the highest level? Are you looking to make big improvements before your next season? Our coaching staff has worked with athletes of all skill ranges and is dedicated to helping you reach your goal! Making improvements take time! To truly see the best results, we recommend you work with a coach as often as you can. 15-20 hours of extra technical practice over the course of a season can really make the difference at the end of the year! Once you have completed the form, we will contact you with in 24-48 hours to discuss further details.
  2. Book a single session - Single sessions are primarily used as evaluations. We will run the athlete through multiple drills testing their Speed, Power and Technique. At the end of the session, the coach will rate your performance and give you a rundown of how efficient you are in each category. This can be especially helpful before the season starts so you know what you should be working on.
    • To order a single session, simply select an option below. Choose the date and time you would like to start. Once payment has been received you will get a confirmation email with instructions about your upcoming session.
    • Do you have an meet or combine coming up? Single sessions can also be used to work on one or two specific skills. The workload on these specific days will be low, with an emphasis on technique and learning new skills. Once you have selected the coach you would like to work with, please include a brief summary about yourself and what the athlete needs improvement on.
  3. Book multiple sessions - Ohio Speed Academy coaches work together to ensure that the athlete is getting everything they need. Members who buy package options have the ability to mix sessions with each of the different coaches. This is especially useful for athletes that do multiple events. We understand that your time is important, so we have created multiple package options for the needs of every athlete! Take the assessment below to find out more about the current options available.